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We proudly stand by brands
as their unwavering, dedicated
Korean marketing partner.

We synthesize our Korean expertise, creativity and data to help brands connect,

grow and captivate Korean audiences.

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Why Waterbe?


Cultural Expertise


Localization Strategies


Bilingual and Multicultural Team

With a deep understanding of Korean culture, language, unique consumer behaviour and nuances of the Korean market, Waterbe creates culturally relevant and resonant campaign solutions.

Waterbe works to ensure that every brand receives tailored marketing solutions that enable the brand to suit the specific preferences and needs of target audiences, ensuring smooth integration into the market.

Waterbe is proud to present a diverse team of professionals fluent in both Korean and English, providing seamless communication and collaboration with brands from all over the world. 


Experience with Diverse Industries



Local Network


Track Record

Extensive experiences in a wide range of industries allow Waterbe to cater to needs of brands from various sectors with customised marketing solutions.

Waterbe is proud to work with over 100+ local partners to ensure brands grow and succeed in the Korean market. 

Waterbe has a portfolio of successful marketing campaigns that have achieved incredible results and success stories of brands entering and expanding into the Korean market.

Our Clients

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We’d love to hear more about
your brand and collaborate!

Unlock new horizons for your brand with
our Korean digital marketing experts.

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