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Introducing NOWM, Your Naver Ads Keyword Search Tool

NOWM Naver Ads Keyword Search Tool

Find Keywords for Naver Advertising

NOWM stands for Naver Optimization with Waterbe Marketing and is a keyword traffic-checking tool made for those who are interested in starting Naver advertising in the Korean digital marketing landscape. 

As we have covered in previous blogs, Naver is a South Korean online platform operated by Naver corporation. It was launched back in 1999 as the first web portal in South Korea and offers a wide range of services including a search engine, web portal, online community, news aggregation, online shopping, and various other services. It has been referred to as the “Google of South Korea” and is now the largest most used search engine in South Korea.

However, at Waterbe, we recognize the challenges faced by marketers outside of Korea when attempting to access keyword data on Naver, particularly for those who may not be proficient in Korean. While Google is also available in Korea, Naver is still a No.1 search engine with the largest market share. Naver advertising is dominating the Korean market and is a necessity to penetrate. 

Unfortunately, there is no free keyword tool for foreigners to check Naver traffic volume.

In order to check keyword search volume and data, you need to register as a business advertiser account and this documentation can be tedious for foreign entities that are trying to scout the market. Additionally, you have to have a high proficiency of Korean to navigate your way through the Naver advertising platforms.

That’s where Waterbe comes in. With the lack of Naver advertising agencies that provide services to international brands and tools that provide free keyword insights for Naver advertising, we developed NOWM. 

As a trusted local digital marketing and Naver advertising agency, our goal is to equip marketers globally with the insights and resources needed to navigate through the complexities of the Korean digital market. With NOWM, gain access to vital keyword data, regardless of language barriers thanks to the translator, and unlock the full potential of your marketing strategies in Korea.

NOWM brings traffic results from the past 30 days of the official Naver Search Ads platform! Use the translator to find what you’re looking for in Korean and get monthly desktop and mobile traffic results of that specific keyword! NOWM also saves the keywords you searched in a list for you, ready to be downloaded at your convenience!

We hope this tool helps every digital marketer or anyone who would like to explore the Korean market.


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