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Korean digital marketing agency Waterbe announces its arrival in the international market.

Waterbe Marketing Announces Its Arrival in The International Enterprise Digital Marketing Industry

Nowadays digital marketing is all around the world but the tools and platform used in its execution aren’t the same the world over. While Google controls over 90% of the world’s share of search capabilities, there are still massive markets that are left untapped.

Waterbe Marketing is a team that can help companies tap into those markets and open up new opportunities even the largest and most established agencies can’t. Waterbe agency has tools, skills, and expertise in South Korean market that other vendors simply do not have.

Here’s why:


Difference search engine market share (Naver & Google)

Not many people know this but the country has a low usage rate for Linkedin, Reddit, Twitter, and even Google because they have their own search engine called Naver which also operates its own ads.

Below is the user distribution data by search platfoms in South Korean market.


Different Ad system

Since there are major local platforms in South Korea that are more powerful than global platforms such as Google, the ad system and business policies are very different from other global platforms.

This is why the international brands must use Korean-based companies for local marketing rather than working with general APAC companies based in other Asian countries.

Waterbe found out that many international clients were not executing the marketing campaigns well enough for Korean market.

For example, Waterbe saw a lot of international brands executing digital marketing campaigns without local market insight and mostly only doing influencer marketing while other base content are not even localized in the first phase.


NON English speaking country

Many South Koreans DO NOT speak English and feel uncomfortable when they face content in English such as websites, videos, images and even the payment system.

So all the content shall be localized in the first phase before moving on to the digital marketing plan and this directly impacts the conversion rate of the campaign.


Strong local e-commerce platform and payment system

Korea has its own online payment system and online shopping mall system.

Especially the Korean biggest e commerce in platform Coupang's market share has been rapidly increasing for few years after Coupang has launched a 1 day delivery service.

Korean people are now available to receive the goods within 24 hours and this is one of the reasons why the foreign shopping website's market share only shows 4.8% of the market share

in South Korea.

In regards to the payment system, Korea also has its local simple online payment system such as Naver pay and Kakao pay.

Also, if the international client are looking forward to create a Korean local entity and create a shopping website, there are legal policies that the Korean entity shall be registered to a local PG(payment gateway) system and apply for a an online marketing business declaration certificate.


What does Waterbe do?

Waterbe is a Korean specialized marketing company that provides marketing strategy building, localization, and business consultation. Waterbe is a full-stack digital marketing company with an in-house content production team.

They have a video production team, a design team, marketing team and local copywriters.

Also, Waterbe has a large range of experiences starting from low budget to high budget.

and has a huge range of local and international clients including Samsung and Hyundai.

Waterbe has a market insight in various areas including IT, software, app, game, fashion, government, F&B, B2B, blockchain, and so on.


Review from the international clients of Waterbe

There is a B2B resource that helps businesses connect with their ideal agencies and vendors by publishing verified reviews about the latter’s performance on various projects.

Waterbe is happy to report that since Waterbe engaged with the website, they've collected many high-quality reviews like the ones below.

Learn more about the services that Waterbe offers and how they can benefit your business by visiting their website. We also urge you to reach out to the team for any questions regarding how to begin doing business with Waterbe.

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