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The Korean video platform market

The Korean Internet video market size hits $3 billion

Find out the current market News in South Korea.

  • The size of the Korean Internet video market in 2020 is approximately showed $2.958 billion (15% growth compared to the previous year).

  • The expected yearly growth showed 13.7% until 2025.

  • The AVOD (Youtube) market is expected to play a major role in the growth of the Korean video market (2/3 of the total market)

  • Among video apps, YouTube overwhelmingly had the largest number of users (30 million), followed by Netflix (5.5 million), Wave (2.8 million), and TikTok (2.43 million).

  • YouTube has the highest average usage time (1,486.7 minutes), followed by TikTok (518.5 minutes) in South Korea.

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