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What is the important factor for Korean people when they shop online?

Shopping behaviors of South Korean people

What is the important factor for Korean people when they shop online?


where do Koreans consume shopping content?

Find out the current insight of Korean online shopping market!

Recently, as the search for shopping information unrelated to the purchase plan is constantly taking place, the value of shopping contents that can be enjoyed as a marketing point is rising.

Based on the local research, shopping information is frequently consumed (65.2%) as content that can be enjoyed on its own without a special purchase plan.

Also, the value of consumer-created shopping contents (review contents containing purchase reviews and usage stories of specific products) that occurs under the clear intention of the consumer is becoming highly significant.

In fact, as a result of asking 1,000 Korean online shoppers if they had felt an intention to purchase a specific product due to shopping content written by consumers (within the past 6 months), 7 out of 10 (73.9%) answered yes, and about half (56.8%) changed the answer that there were experiences that led to actual product purchases due to these contents.

This phenomenon has become a common step in today's purchasing journey, where the process of searching for information in advance to the purchase is common.

As if supporting these results, consumer reviews on online shopping websites are also playing an important role in purchasing decisions and online channels other than online shopping malls such as YouTube, Naver blog, and Instagram is recording a significant figure as an information learning channel.

Lastly, according to the research, the main channel that Koreans consume product information turned out to be YouTube and Naver blogs.

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