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What is the most popular online shopping website in Korea?

Online shopping website & consumer behaviors in Korea

What is the most popular online shopping website and shopping behaviors of Korean?

Find out the current state of Korean online shopping market!

77.7% of internet shoppers search for shopping information in advance rather than just before the purchase, and 1 in 4 people collect information mainly through internet shopping malls.

As everyone is well aware, today, it is a common consumption pattern to make a purchase decision after researching information in advance (77.7%) rather than checking the relevant information at the moment of purchase right before payment.

As a result, the online shopping mall is the most useful information channel covering various online and offline sales channels.

Accordingly, when looking at the usage status of internet shopping malls by business type (based on 1+2+3 rankings), the use rate of open markets (including social commerce, 83.5%) is overwhelming, followed by integrated shopping malls (61.0%), category specialized malls (26.9%). , and brand shopping malls (19.4%).

In terms of shopping platform, Naver Shopping (25.5%), 11st (20.1%), and Coupang (18.1%) are mainly competing in the open market industry, while (37.2%) in integrated shopping mall category and Amazon (35.8%) in foreign website category are leading the market.


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