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Which media do Koreans use most for video watching?

Video content consumption status in Korea

Which media do Koreans use most for video watching?


Which device do Koreans use most for video watching?

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As a result of surveying the proportion of use by media used when watching video for those who have watched video within the last three months, the ratio has been shown as below :

Mobile device (42.9%) IPTV (22.6%), PC (20.4%), digital cable TV (9.7%), and smart TV (4.7%).

Mobile devices still shows the largest share of Internet video watching, and video streaming is increasing in importance compared to the previous year.

The video consumption rate of original TV channels have been decreasing rapidly every year and accordingly the TV device use rate has been naturally decreasing.

Therefore, various IPTV (Internet protocol Television) products are continuously increasing to maintain the TV device consumption rate.

As a result, even though Koreans use TV, this doesn’t mean that they are watching original cable TV shows nowadays. But this means that they are watching videos on platforms such as Netflix, Wavve, and Youtube by using TV.

While the experience of using YouTube is overwhelmingly high in Korea, PC users showed a higher response rate than mobile users in most media.

Accordingly, it is estimated that the market share of major media such as YouTube on mobile devices will be higher than PC users.

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