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Enterprise Rent-A-Car

In the face of low brand awareness and the prevailing perception of overseas car rental amongst Korean consumers, the overarching goal of campaign was to boost brand recognition, build trust, and establish meaningful connections with target audiences. Tailored marketing strategies for each local and international services were developed, including thoughtfully selected media channels, curated content topics, localised creatives and strategic collaborations with influencers across various social media channels.


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The brand desired to elevate sales figures and struggled with low brand awareness in spite of having direct distribution and sales channels in Korea, and desired to elevate sales figure. With clear objectives, we rolled out a customer-centric social media event and marketing campaign, enabling customers to engage with the brand. The brand was boosted by strategic collaborations with influencers across various channels and integrated a cross-platform strategy (across social media, Naver, e-commerce platforms).


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As the brand newly launched its service in Korea, the primary challenge lay in establishing brand awareness and credibility amongst Korean consumers. For the purpose of introducing entertainment content and the service and driving ticket sales effectively, creative storytelling, content localisation, culturally competent creatives were produced and implemented across various media such as PR, social media, and Naver.


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Pall Corporation

The brand had low brand awareness in Korean industrial manufacturing industry, particularly in contrast to the biotechnology industry. To generate local leads and heighten brand recognition within the manufacturing sector, we adopted a bespoke strategy of localised content with target appealing topics and media mix tailored to target keywords, aimed at increasing website traffic and enhancing the content visibility online.


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Wall Street Journal

Despite the launch and announcement of the complimentary subscription for university students, both awareness and subscription rates remained notably low. In order to increase conversion rate (i.e. subscription rate), it was necessary to create awareness and drive interests amongst the target audience. Media mix was our approach - a variety of relevant online and offline media platforms (across landing pages, display, online community, offline posters).


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World of Warships

In response to the brand's challenge of being perceived as a game primarily for an older generation, with minimal engagement from new players, the objectives were to revitalize brand awareness, boost engagement, and attract newcomers to the game. We rolled out strategic influencer collaborations, partnering with gaming influencers to reach a wider audience, crafted target-specific contents, and extended ad placements to relevant local platforms (i.e. Inven, DCinside) beyond Naver and Google.


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Orchard Mile

As the brand never had experience in the Korean market, it encountered localization issues, low brand recognition, and credibility challenges. To highlight the brand’s uniqueness, establish trust, drive website traffic, and ultimately boost sales, we transcreated the website making it user-friendly for locals and included local payment methods. On top of that, we aimed to enhance brand awareness while increasing traffic to the platform through compelling content and creatives and A/B testing.


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The brand faced the challenge of absence of brand recognition albeit being a prominent corporation. The goal was to attract qualified, skilled professionals in the semiconductor sector. We came up with a niche target approach, focusing on the specific group of audiences and maximising specialised job platforms. In parallel, we executed an employment branding strategy tailored to the local context, involving content localisation and branding initiatives.


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Newly launching brand in Korea, the brand's priority was to create a brand story and primary content targeting South Korean market. Precise data research has been done first, followed by brand story building, visual content creation and marketing funnnel development.


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Stamford American International School

As it was the brand’s first attempt to enter the Korean market, the brand faced the challenge of limited local knowledge. The objective was clear: establish brand recognition and drive registrations for an academic program. Our approach was to transform initial content to a Korean-friendly angle, website and creatives to be more impactful, visually engaging and culturally relevant. Simultaneously, we carefully selected media channels, ideal for both short-term and long-term marketing campaigns, according to the brand's business model and events.


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