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How do Koreans view different social media platforms?

How do Koreans view different social media platforms?

Did you know that in South Korea over 90% of the population own a smartphone? The technological advancements in Korea over the past few years have spurred a surge in social media engagement. With diverse platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Naver Band, and more, it raises the question: What roles do these platforms play for individuals?

Koreans' Image of Social Media Platforms

The four most popular social media platforms in South Korea are Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, and Naver band with YT having the most at an average of 5 visits per day and Naver Band having the least with 1.6. Overall, Instagram and TikTok are perceived to have a similar portrayal for consumers as platforms that provide a mix of popular, most recent, and engaging content. Whereas Youtube and Naver Band usage is very niche focused.

Instagram and TikTok are recognized for their ability to popularize distinctive and current trends, while YouTube is acknowledged as a platform ideal for accessing up-to-date information. Naver Band positions itself as a platform where users similar to oneself are abundant, and it is considered a safe and secure platform with excellent security, fostering a sense of trust in the information provided.

Three categories of Koreans views on social media

Diving deeper, the suitable image for each social media platform is presented in slightly different ways when asking why Koreans prefer using one over others.

Koreans' Purpose of Use for each Social Media Platform

Out of 400 respondents over 60% claimed that Instagram and YouTube are perceived as platforms suitable for passing the time, portraying a popular, fast, and global image. TikTok shared the same results however many associated it with being addictive and suited specifically for leisure. Additionally, 52% of participants viewed content from TikTok to have a higher degree of individualism than compared to Instagram at 37.5% and Youtube at 29%. Alternatively, approximately half of the users identified Naver Band as an ideal platform for documenting and sharing their daily thoughts. Many of them highlighted that it offers an easier means of discovering individuals who share similarities with them resulting in Naver Band to have more niche communities. 

Participants were asked to describe the four social media platforms according to 16 characteristics. Below is a graph grouping the characteristics into 4 distinct categories.

Bar Chart of Koreans social media usage by category

In conclusion, Korea's growing interest in global content presents a promising opportunity for international companies to promote their products and services. A detailed understanding of each social media platform in Korea's digitalized society is essential to comprehend the motivations guiding typical Korean users' decisions. Marketers and content creators should optimize their strategies by aligning with these platforms to maximize potential for success. 

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