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How are Korean gamers finding new mobile games?

It’s clear that the South Korean gaming market has high consumption rates and an interest in new games. However, to an outsider, it may not be clear how South Korean gamers are finding information about new mobile games and what advertising strategies are most effective to reach them.

Across the board, South Korean gamers primarily use YouTube to find information about new mobile games. 75% of gamers across all age groups used YouTube as their primary method of finding new mobile games to play. Other popular search tools among gamers include Naver, game webzines, Google, and Instagram.

The most interested gaming content by Korean gamers is playing videos by gaming influencers -

61% of survey respondents said they search playing videos and gaming influencer videos the most. Other content they are interested in are game strategies and information on new game launches.

On these platforms, ads that are highly relevant to the game are most effective at attracting users. 56% of survey respondents said that ads featuring an actual play screen from the game were effective in influencing them to download the game. Other effective strategies, such as tutorial videos, usage of gaming influencers, and game cinematics, are similarly closely replicating and representing actual gameplay to attract players.

Additionally, 79% of respondents said that they were readers and members of game webzines and other online communities centered around gaming. Of these various platforms, Inven is the most popular among South Korean gamers across all age brackets. Regarding other platforms, users in their teens and 20s have a high rate of using DC Inside and Hungry Apps, and users in their 30s and 40s have a high rate of using Ruliweb and DC Inside.

The specificity of the Korean market and the ways that Korean consumers find and gain interest in new games is highly linked to external trends and factors in the Korean market. Understanding the full scope of the South Korean market allows one to identify the habits of Korean gamers and target them directly on platforms they’re already using. Waterbe is uniquely positioned to access Korean gamers in this way.

To get more information about the South Korean market and digital marketing strategies, find us at Waterbe Corp.


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